30.8.2020 Gayaneh Viola verna, 5th generation Gayaneh, was Best in Show junior with all three votes in her debut show 30 August 2020 in Helsinki. This tabby tortie won her seal tabby brother Gayaneh Vorticella virilis at nomination. . .

16.11.2019 IP SC Gayaneh Gaudeamus Igitur was Best in Show neuter male in Tallinn, Estonia, in Felix 30 years jubilee show.

20.7.2019 Gayaneh Synura saimi was again nominated for BIS – with a heart around her number – but lost with only one vote. We are happy and had such a nice day in Hämeenlinna. Thanks folks!

8.6.2019 Gayaneh Synura saimi was BIS kitten in Helsinki. Thank you Helmi for coming to your exciting debut show! Seal tabby mitted ”Ulpu” is the daughter of Gayaneh Mimulus macula and PL*Ragissa Winnetou.

28.4.2019 Gayaneh Quadrata was nominated for BIS kitten. Seal tabby bicolour ”Miju” is the daughter of Gayaneh Mimulus macula and S*Vallhovstassens Boss. Thank you Tessa for the nice photo!

13.4.2019 in Scandinavian Winner show in Turku IP SC Gayaneh Helius Hilaris was nominated for the best in show and we were so happy about it 🙂

17.3.2019 SC Gayaneh Gaudeamus Igitur was BIS neuter male and Gayaneh Rhodomela rosa BIS kitten in Helsinki.

3.3.2019 Finnish Ragdoll Cat Club awarded ragdolls of the year 2018. For the very first time Gayaneh was among the best three breeders, we were the second one. Warm thanks to all those Gayaneh cat servants who came to shows with their beautiful cats last year!

27-28.10.2018 Team Gayaneh participated in world show in Tampere, Finland. Among the more than 1500 cats three of them were (from left to right in the photo below) PR IC Gayaneh Littorella igitur ”Lulu”, IP IC Gayaneh Juno Primas ”Juno” and PR SP Gayaneh Helius Hilaris ”Nipa”.

22.4.2018 The third BEST IN SHOW Gayaneh: IC Gayaneh Juno Primas! And also PL*Ragissa Winnetou ”Winski” was BIS 😀

17.2.2018 ERY-SYD awarded the cats of the year 2017 in their show in Helsinki. Quite exciting to hear the word Gayaneh announced time after time in category 1 results: Gayaneh Helius Hilaris ”Nipa” 2nd best adult, IC S*Gunbertus Twin Peaks for Gayaneh ”Mortti” 3rd best adult and 1st breeding male, Gayaneh Mimulus macula ”Mimo” 2nd best youngster, Gayaneh Nereis notabilis ”Mauno” 3rd best youngster, SC Gayaneh Gaudeamus Igitur ”Onni” 2nd best breeding male, Gayaneh Juno Primas ”Juno” 1st breeding female. In addition, Gayaneh the best breeder in cat. 1. My warmest thanks to all those who have brought their Gayaneh cats to shows last year and made this possible! ♥ I could not have made this all by myself. The actual show was also exciting: Mauno best in variety, Livia (in the photo) nominated, Juno IC and, furthermore, Gayaneh the best breeder in category 1.

27-28.1.2018 A cat show in the home town Lahti. Have to be there! Was worth participating as we had such much fun during the two days and even got some success: the borthers G. Notholca noster ”Pontus” and G. Nereis notabilis ”Mauno” (in the photo) BIV, NOM. 

19.12.2017 PL*Ragissa Winnetou came from Poland! We had a short but nice trip to the beutiful city of Krakow. Already at the first sight this sweet boy made quite an impression: such an adorable doll. Thank you Izabela Kawecka for this darling Winski ♥

5.8.2017 We got this grazy idea of participating the ”best cat litter” competition orgainsed by ERY-SYD in Helsinki – and guess what, we won! Thanks to Juno’s and Mortti’s beautiful babies Mimo, Mio and Merlin! Papa Mortti was also the best breeding male (being the only one :D) Furthermore, Mimo received the special prize by judge Kristiina Rautio, as she was THE KITTEN tha raised Kristiina’s attention. No wonder ♥
10.6.2017 ERY-SYD awarded the cats of the year 2017 in their show in Helsinki. Quite exciting to hear the word Gayaneh announced time after time in category 1 results: SC Gayaneh Helius Hilaris ”Nipa” 2nd best adult, IC Gayaneh Littorella Igitur ”Lulu” 3rd best adult, S*Gunbertus Twin Peaks for Gayaneh ”Mortti” 2nd best youngster, CH Gayaneh Juno Primas “Juno” 3rd best youngster, SC Gayaneh Gaudeamus Igitur “Onni” 2nd best breeding male, IC Gayaneh Igitur Iris ”Lili” 1st best breeding female, SC Gayaneh Gratia Illa ”Prim” 2nd best breeding female and, furthermore, Gayaneh the best breeder in category 1.

5.3.2017 Gayaneh cats received prizes in the ragdoll of the year 2016 competition organised by the Finnish Ragdoll Club. Among the three best (in the various categories…) were SC G. Helius Hilaris, SC G. Gaudeamus Igitur, SC G. Gratia Illa, IP G. Jaspis Aureus, CH G. Juno Primas, IC G. Littorella igitur ja IC G. Igitur Iris. Warm congratulations!

21-22.1.2017 Gayaneh Helius Hilaris ”Nipa” became Supreme Champion in Lahti (in the home city), which was a perfect reason for a party! The others also received their certificates and G. Littorella igitur ”Lulu” was nominated (again) on Sunday.

8-9.10.2016 ja 15.10.2016 Gayaneh Littorella igitur ”Lulu” was NOM in Hartola both in 8.10. and 9.10. A week later she graduated Champion in Helsinki, where S*Gunbertus Twin Peaks for Gayaneh ”Mortti” had his very first show: EX 1 BIV NOM 🙂

23.7.2016 Supreme Champion Gayaneh Gratia Illa ”that joy” aka Prim graduated in Helsinki! Prim, the super sweet lady, is one of our most awarded ragdolls with over 10 nominations and many votes in panels (but never enough…) However, Prim’s final steps in her career in the new I category turned out to be a challenge: one of the last CACS certificates, the one ”from abroad” was being searched from Scandinavian Winner Show in Helsinki, but no: Michael Edström from Sweden concluded: ”Very sorry but I can’t give the certificate in this high class because of the head which needs more height and muzzle should be more rounded.” The traditional ragdoll type represented by Prim is not so much appreciated by Swedish and Norwegian judges. Thus, Prim had to travel to Tallinn, where Anne Veland (from Middle Europe) without any hesitation gave CACS, saying Prim’s head is ”Ex broad with fine wedge and profile.” Then again a Swedish judge 23.7. in Helsinki, where Prim was seeking for the very last CACS…! Nevertheless, Malin Sudnqvist gave the certificate despite of ”…profile a bit straight. Muzzle a bit narrow.” but overall ”Sweet girl with a stunning body!” Prim is our beloved prima donna, a big girl with such a wonderful temperament ♥

16.7.2016 GIC Gayaneh Helius Hilaris Best in Show male in category I, the very first BIS tabby ragdoll in Finland !

21.6.2016 S*Gunbertus Twin Peaks for Gayaneh arrived from Sweden! Mortti is such a sweet purring promising kitten with silky coat and big paws. Ulla Johansson, tusen tack för den här härlig pojke ♥ Thank you so much for this lovely boy ♥

12.6.2016 Gayaneh was the best breeder in category I (out of tot 3 ragdoll breeders) and SC G. Gaudeamus Igitur ”Onni” was NOM (won his brother G. Helius Hilaris ”Nipa” and 2 other ragdolls who were called for the nomination) in Hyvinkää, where ERY-SYD cat association awarded cats of the year 2015. Gayaneh in category II: the best breeder, Onni and his daughter G. Lilium igitur ”Lili” sharing the 2nd best adult, Onni the best best breeding male, G. Juno Primas ”Juno” the best youngster, IP Shyshaman’s Moonlight ”Luna” 2nd best neuter and 2nd best breeding female. In addition, ragdoll of the year 2015 competition organised by Suomen Ragdollystävät awarded two cups: Juno 2nd best mitted youngster and Luna 2nd best mitted neuter.

30.4.2016 The first Best in Show Gayaneh! G. Lobelia lunaris ”Maya” was BIS kitten in Hartola.

2.3.2016 Uusi Lahti, a local newspaper interviewed us and made a news on ragdolls (see page 11)

24.1.2016 Our first endeavours in the new category I. Not bad at all: Puro G. Jaspis Aureus was BIV on Saturday and NOM on Sunday, when his mom Prim also participated the show (after a break of one year) being recognised as CACS, BIV-tot, NOM and even BIS breeding female – thanks to Puro, Juno, Miro and their servants Katri, Iiitu and Essi ♥ Furthermore, Gayaneh was the best breeder on Sunday – for the very first time in history!

21.11.2015 Pessi, CH Gayaneh Ideo Iuxta, became GIC in Tallinn, Estonia. Congratulations! Thank you Katri for showing beautiful Pessi ♥

19.11.2015 The 6th Gayaneh ragdoll litter was born: FIVE babies!

11.10.2015 Onni, G. Gaudeamus Igitur is the very first Supreme Champion Gayaneh cat!!! SC-celebration party was organised in Salo, where Onni’s sister Prim’s children Puro and Juno had their debut show. Beautiful lady Juno became nominated to the BIS panel.

22.8.2015 International credits in Tallinn, Estonia: IC G. Helius Hilaris, IC G. Igitur Imago, IC G. Igitur Iris and IP Shyshaman’s Moonlight. Such a nice summer trip 🙂

5.8.2015 The 5th Gayaneh ragdoll litter was born: FIVE babies! Sire: GIC Gayaneh Gaudeamus Igitur, dam: Celestial’s Most Wanted.

27.6.2015 Pessi, CH G. Ideo Iuxta, became International Champion in Tallinn. Congratulations!

1.6.2015 The 4th Gayaneh ragdoll litter was born: FIVE babies! Sire: Methodius Passion for Utuinen, dam: GIC Gayaneh Gratia Illa.

24.5.2015 Very nice day in a cat show in Hyvinkää. ERY-SYD gave us lots of prizes (=cat food) and diploma in their cat of the year 2014 competition: Gayaneh was the 2nd best breeder in category II, while Prim was 2nd best female as well as Onni (G. Gaudeamus Igitur) was the 2nd best breeding male and 3rd best male in category II 🙂

1.2.2015 The Finnish Ragdoll Cat Club has found many beautiful ragdolls of the year. We are proud for being recognised in this competition: Onni (G. Gaudeamus Igitur) ja Prim (G. Gratia Illa) are best colourpoint adults, their mama Pii (Utuinen DashingDesign) the best breeding female – and Luna (Shyshaman’s Moonlight) the 3rd best breeding female!!! Pessi (G. Ideo Iuxta) and Lili (G. Igitur Iris) are 5th ja 6th best colourpoint youngsters. Among all males Onni is the 3rd and among all females Prim the 2nd. Incredible, Gayaneh is the 4th best breeder! Deep acknowledgements to my colleagues et al. <3

25.1.2015 Such a great weekend in the cat show in our home city Lahti with wonderful company! The sweet couple: Onni (G. Gaudeamus Igitur) was BIS breeding stud in both days and Luna (Shyshaman’s Moonlight) was BIS breeding queen on Sunday. BIG thanks to their children and to the owners of these marvelous cats <3! Coco (G. Igitur Imago), Pessi (G. Ideo Iuxta) and Lili (G. Igitur Iris) got their first certificates. Pessi was also nominated and Lili was best in variety on Sunday. In addition, both Prim (G. Gratia Illa) and Wanda (Celestial’s Most Wanted) were BIV NOM on Saturday.

21.11.2014 Wanda, Celestial’s Most Wanted, arrived at our house. Thanks Annukka Rintakumpu for this lovely lady!

27.7.2014 What a day! Gayaneh participated the breeding class for the very fist time and was the 2nd best out of ten breeders in category II. Onni was the 2nd best breeding male out of six cats. Big THANKS to the wonderful offspring with their lovely owners <3 Pessi (Ideo Iuxta) and Pyry (Io Improvisus) were both nominated. Pyry got also some votes and lots of attention from the judges. Our special case was the first BIV-competition of seal tabby colourpoint ragdolls in Finland: Onni (Gaudeamus Igitur) won his daughter Lili (Igitur Iris) and his son Coco (Igitur Imago), whom Henry Stephane regarded to be even more promising than papa… igitur imago = therefore an image/likeness/picture 🙂

16.11.2013 The siblings Onni (G. Gaudeamus Igitur) and Prim (G. Gratia Illa) became International Champions in Tallinn.

11.11.2013 The result of the dermaphytic examination is negative. The sample, taken in the cat show in Kirkkonummi on 13th October, was cultured for 14 and 21 days to look for Microsporum canis, M. gypseum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

26.8.2013 Nipa (G. Helius Hilaris) proudly represented both himself and his father Antti (SC Maplehill’s Rely on Shaman) in a show in Kirkkonummi.

26.8.2013 Nipa (G. Helius Hilaris), Onni (G. Gaudeamus Igitur) and Prim (G. Gratia Illa) participated a special ragdoll show in Tampere. The public voted Onni and Prim among their favourites. Furthermore, Onni had the privilege to be the only tabby ragdoll in the panel and was even voted by Steven Jones.

26.8.2013 Luna, Shyshaman’s Moonlight arrived to Gayaneh cattery.

13.8.2013 The last kitten of Pii’s second litter Nipa (G. Helius Hilaris) moved to his new house, only a couple of blocks away.

11.8.2013 Two kittens left on the same day: at first Aatu (G. Heia Habilis) 3 km away in southern Lahti, then Simba (G. Hic Halitus) 300 km away in Kuopio.

29.7.2013 The kittens became 12 weeks old yesterday. Today Hilla (G. Herbula Hiemalis) already left to her new home in Helsinki.

5.5.2013 Pii gave birth to her second litter: 4 healthy kittens, whose father is Antti, SC Maplehill’s Rely on Shaman.

2.3.2013 Onni, Gayaneh Gaudeamus Igitur and Prim, Gayaneh Gratia Illa, went to their first show. Onni was considered ”Very promising sweet boy” and worth of EX1, while Prim was ”Ex lovely girl, ex presented” and EX1 BIV-tot NOM.

20.11.2012 Pii (IC Utuinen DashingDesign) gave birth to her first litter: 3 healthy kittens! Their father is Hakalan Herra Tossavainen (RAG n).

3.8.2012 Pii (IC Utuinen DashingDesign) became International Champion in Tallinn

29.7.2012 Pöpö (GIP, EC Bobkatin King of Riverknee, DVM) became Supreme Premior.