Gayaneh breeding has been and will be small-scale activity and follows the rules, instructions and recommendations by the Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe) and Suomen Kissaliitto. I am the member of Finnish Ragdoll Cat societySuomen Ragdollystävät-SeuraSuomen rotukissayhdistys SUROK and Eteläinen rotukissayhdistys ERY-SYD. Whenever possible, cat seminars are important happenings to participate, such as days of health issues organised by Suomen Kissaliitto, not to mention ragdoll seminars that were held on 13.1.2007, 12.9.2015 and 9.12.2017. Knowledge on especially health issues increases rapidly and, thus, it is important to be aware of the latest information.

Kittens are grown as an important, beloved part of our family and receive the best possible care. A kitten is ready to move to a new home not earlier than at the age of 12 weeks. Then it has been vaccinated twice, has received three worm treatments, has been examined by a vet and has got a micro chip. Gayaneh cat has a pedigree certificate and a written statement by a vet. The owner of a new kitten will receive both oral and written instructions on how to take care of a cat as well as the best available information about the health, personality and ancestry of the kitten. You will also get a survival kit, including stuff like familiar food for the kitten and membership to Finnish Ragdoll Club for yourself. If you aim to have a Gayaneh cat, you are of course responsible for honestly telling what kind of living conditions the cat will have. You are also ready to make an agreement by Suomen Kissaliitto, i.e. the Finnish Cat Federation. When considering money, it is good to remember that the purchase price is a tiny fraction of all expences you will have to deal with over the course of the cat’s life, such as feeding, deworming, vaccinations etc.

When visiting our house to see the kittens and me, you may reserve a kitten for 350 euros. It will be taken off the total price of 900 euros, which should be delivered by the time of transfer. If you, however, decide not to have the cat, the reservation fee will not be repayed. In case I have to cancel the deal for some reason (never happened so far), you will get the fee back.

Remember: adopting a cat means that you commit yourself to take care of it for a long time: a cat can live more than 15 years.