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PL*Ragissa Winnetou


ragdoll, male
blue mitted (RAG a 04)
born 28.7.2017

sire: ES*Malattodolls Treasure (RAG a 04)
dam: PL*Ragissa Oceania (RAG n)

Health examinations:
Ragdoll HCM: N/N
FeLV/FIV: neg/neg
Blood group: A
Dermatophytes (RealPCR Test.): neg
Tritrichomonas foetus (DNA PCR) Negat.
Giardia spp. (DNA PCR) Negat.
Samples taken 19.12.2017, analyses by Vetlab

Breeder Ragissa cattery, Izabela Kawecka, Poland
Owner Kirsi Kuoppamäki, Lahti


1 x BIS, 2 x NOM (in altogether 4 cat shows)

Winski in database of Suomen Kissaliitto
Photo album
Photo album (by Aino)

Winski is an adorable sweet floppy boy with such a lovely appearance and wonderful silky, abundant coat. He came from the distinguished Ragissa cattery in Poland. Thank you so much Izabela for this awesome guy! ♥

Ragissa Winnetou cannot be used for stud service to other catteries.

The nickname Winski was easy to convert from Winnetou. It also refers to an old Finnish book for children "Vinski, the boy of our town" in which Vinski is a young blond boy who spends his summer in a small Hömpstad town. In the local pharmacy he manages to buy powder that turns out to make him invisible and enables walking through walls as well as helps doing many good things. Indeed, Winski is a blond boy and hopefully he will be able to do various good things - though the ability to walk through walls is not so much hoped-for... :D


Kirsi Kuoppamäki
Lahti, Finland
puh. 044-567 9097


21.6.2018 Plans for kittens after a break... Wish you a very nice summer!

22.4.2018 The third BEST IN SHOW Gayaneh: IC Gayaneh Juno Primas! And also PL*Ragissa Winnetou "Winski" was BIS :D

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